BAOR  BATTLEFIELD TOUR – OPERATION NEPTUNE – Spectators Edition 43(W) Division Assault Crossing Of The River Seine 25-28 August 1944

This is the Spectators version of the BAOR Battlefield Tour covering Operation NEPTUNE Battlefield Tour – An official account of the battle of the Seine crossing with both planning and operational phases described. Complete with all of the original maps. This operation served as a rehearsal for the later Rhine crossing operation.

This Battlefield tour describes the operations of 30 Corps to effect the crossing of the River Seine at Vernon during the period 23-24 August 1944. It is especially concerned with the part played by 43 (Wessex) Division in these operations. The aspects covered in detail are: The plan for the move of 43(W) Div to the Vernon area: The assault crossing of the river Seine by 129 Inf Bde: The planning and construction by RE units of rafts and bridges over the river.
The description by Montgomery regarding the encirclement of the enemy to cut off survivors from the Falaise-Mortain pocket describes the situation as one that should be achieved with the maximum speed.
The work is laid out 11 parts including “The Enemy” Planning” “Planning for the Assault” Advance to Vernon” and “Operation Loopy” . Complete with Appendices and oversized maps.