The War at Sea

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The Great War was the first major test faced by the Royal Navy since Nelson’s triumph at Trafalgar more than a century before. In that short time, technological change had totally transferred naval warfare. Steam had succeeded sail, submarines and torpedoes presented new perils, coal had given way to oil and cannons firing iron balls in broadsides at point blank range had been replaced by huge guns lobbing massive shells miles over the horizon. The Navy’s enemies had changed too. The French were now our friends, and Germany’s High Seas Fleet had been specifically built to challenge Britannia’s rule over the waves. The Fleet rose to the challenge, and the Naval and Military Press’ shoals of books on the Great War at sea provides a whole library for the naval enthusiast to fish in. Whether your interest is in Dreadnoughts, submarines, the battle of Jutland, signals or guns and armour, we have the book for you.

Showing 1–40 of 77 results


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