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The Naval & Military Press launched its first printed booklist back in 1990 and, including special issues, we have produced over 200 in the years since. The booklists contain the majority of our current special offers and new titles.

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Booklist 164
Published – May 2018

In this issue

A real thumper of a Booklist at twice the size of our usual quarterly printed catalogues, the 1,000+ titles contained within cover many aspects of the ‘War to End all Wars’, including Regimental and Divisional Histories, Official Histories, Rolls of Honour and Casualty Lists, Training Manuals, Official War Diaries WO95, Eastern Front, Balkans & Russian Civil War Intervention, Memoirs and Biographies, Campaign and Battle Histories. With our usual and now-legendary pricing structure we have some truly great books at prices to suit all pockets.

All of us who have a special interest in the Great War have been fortunate to see the commemoration events unfold over the last four years, and to be able to read and enjoy the tsunami of worthy titles that the centenary has produced.

The Naval & Military Press will not be resting on its laurels after this intense period however, and has some important titles and databases still to come over the next 12 months.

Gary Buckland

Booklist 165
Published – July 2018

In this issue

This is one of our best lists for a while, with a very good selection of new stock and some real quality shining through, and of course with prices to make most booksellers blush, whether they be online or traditional shops. 

Recent publications from The Naval & Military Press abound, including a reprint of the authorised English language translation of Schlieffen’s masterly treatise ‘Cannae’. Complete with its excellent and extensive series of detailed colour maps, Schlieffen’s writings were the foundation of Germany’s military strategy in World War I.

Best of the list, in our opinion, THE NAPOLEONIC LIBRARY series is excellent value, with all priced at just a shade over £5.

The Marquess of Anglesey’s masterly multi-volume A HISTORY OF BRITISH CAVALRY is available at less than half price (very limited stock on this series).

THE SILENT ATTACK The Taking of the Bridges at Veldwezelt, Vroenhoven and Kanne in Belgium by German Paratroops, 10 May 1940, is an outstanding and objective account.

DEATH BEFORE GLORY The British Soldier in the West Indies in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815 specifically examines the experiences of the British soldier fighting in the West Indies.

Speaking of the French Revolutionary Wars, we have the full set reprint of Col. Ramsay Weston Phipps’ THE ARMIES OF THE FIRST FRENCH REPUBLIC AND THE RISE OF THE MARSHALS OF NAPOLEON I. This is a monumental, thoroughly documented cornerstone work on the Revolutionary/Napoleonic Army and its commanders. The price of such scholarship is £12 per volume.

GLOSTER JAVELIN An Operational History – all fans of 50s and 60s jet fighters will thoroughly enjoy this book. The price? Read the list and gasp.

THE MOSCOW OPTION. This provocative alternative history looks at the Second World War from a new angle.

Ancient & Medieval, 16th-18th Century, Napoleonic, 19th-20th Century, The Great War, WW2 and post-war: we have it all covered with an excellent range of handpicked titles.

Our ‘moniker’ SPECIALIST BOOKS FOR THE SERIOUS STUDENT OF CONFLICT, which we have used since the founding of The Naval & Military Press in 1992, still holds true in 2018!