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The Naval & Military Press launched its first printed booklist back in 1990 and, including special issues, we have produced over 200 in the years since. The booklists contain the majority of our current special offers and new titles.

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Booklist 175
Published – March 2021

In this issue

Sent to clients for as long as we’ve been established, it is itself a piece of military book history… but with more than 400 books (not to mention the many thousands more available online), we realise some of you will want a few pointers on what’s truly unmissable. 

So this is the inside track direct from our book buyer and catalogue compiler…

The ‘BAOR Battlefields Tour’ volumes are a cut above today’s guides and inexpensive compared to the cost of original editions… our final stock of the classic Somme study ‘Zero Hour Zero Day’ looks impressive and good value at our smart price… Hobby Link’s Visual Histories of WW2 German tanks give brilliant  detail… the study of the Napoleonic wars is having a resurgence of interest, so the several first-hand accounts are welcome… aviation is another field of interest that is blooming, especially for the fast jets of the Cold War era, so ‘Russian Testbed Aircraft’ hits the spot… the study of uniform through colour plates showing military dress and styles is always a fertile topic, so ‘Her Majesty’s Army & Navy’ sets have proved to be a hit with students of this type of work, especially as they are combined with much useful information regarding battles and campaigns…

With lockdown continuing for the near future, this selection will hold many a gem to help fill the day with study and research.

Happy military reading and stay well and safe.

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Special Booklist
Published – April 2021

In this issue


A selection of must-see fresh and classic titles

We’re thrilled to announce that the second printed edition of N&MP’s Newspaper Book Catalogue this year is being inserted into all orders at time of shipping. Full of the joys of spring military reading, featuring new titles – along with classics that have been specially reduced – to help you make the most of the new reading season, and hopefully a long-awaited return to something near normality in all our lives!

Here’s a preview of what to expect…

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