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The Naval & Military Press launched its first printed booklist back in 1990 and, including special issues, we have produced over 200 in the years since. The booklists contain the majority of our current special offers and new titles.

This downloadable version in PDF format can either be viewed and searched on screen, or printed and read at your leisure.

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New Booklist
Published – September 2020

In this issue

Our own In-House printed catalogue has arrived, and it’s a real bruiser – with 64 pages and more than 600 pure Naval & Military Press titles, all with a generous price reduction.

This is the first in-house collection we have assembled for quite some time, so we are happy to be able to offer, in one listing, a really diverse range of ‘Specialist Books for the Serious Student of Conflict’. This has been our ‘moniker’ since 1992 and leafing through the catalogue it’s plain to see that this more than ever still holds true in 2020.

Download your catalogue using this link ­– the paper version will be sent along with all book orders received over the coming months.

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