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With the growth of tourism in recent years, a whole industry has sprung into being catering for the increasing numbers of people who want to visit the world’s battlefields to see for themselves the sites where the great conflicts of history were decided. The scenes of the Second World War offer a wealth of such sites, from the Ardennes, the gentle wooded hills of southern Belgium that were was the site of both the German breakthrough in 1940, and of their short-lived success in the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. Also Normandy, the site of the D-Day invasion beaches. There are the lonely North African deserts where Rommel and Montgomery duelled and Stalingrad, where Hitler’s ambitions received their fatal blow, and the awful death camps of Poland where the insanity of Nazi racial doctrine became a hideous reality. There are now tours to all these places and more for the serious student of military history and the Naval and Military Press stocks the Guide Books to take with you when you go. Written by experts in the field, our Battlefield Guides makes sense of the fighting and take you step by step through the unfolding action. But even if you never stir from your armchair at home, you can refight the great campaigns with our extensive stock of Battlefield Guides.

Showing all 18 results


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