BAOR: ROYAL ENGINEERS BATTLEFIELD TOUR – THE SEINE TO THE RHINE Vol. 1 – An account of the operations included in the tour Vol. 2 – A guide to the conduct of the tour

Prepared in 1946, these volumes were designed for succeeding generations of Royal Engineers who would visit the battlefields of north-west Europe after the war. Their purpose was to demonstrate the problems faced by the Royal Engineers in the major campaigns of the Second World War and the problems they used to solve them. The operations chosen for inclusion in this tour were done so because they were regarded as typical examples of engineering tasks. There is fabulous detail on the Royal Engineers’ aspects of operations, including Arnhem, the Battle of the Rhineland and the Rhine crossing, and numerous accounts by participating officers and NCOs, with exceptional detailed colour printed maps of operations.
The two-book set (bound in one volume) is newly republished in large format on heavy paper.
The original edition of this work is now very scarce with second-hand copies fetching £250+ on the used book marketplace.