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Not for nothing has the First World War gone down in history as the most literate, and literary, ever fought. The products of mass education went into action en masse for the first time, and in the case of junior officers, the products of classical education went too. The result was an unprecedented mass of written material from the trenches. Letters home, diaries, and after the war, another flood of memoirs, novels and the famous poetry followed. If the horrors of the war were unprecedented, it is party because they were recorded for us by the talented pens of writers such as Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen, and Edmund Blunden. The humbler scribes such as Frank Richards as well. On the other side of the lines Erich Maria Remarque and Ernst Junger. Modern historians have added their interpretations to these eye-witness accounts and the result is an unrivaled library of words about the war to end war of which the Naval and Military Press stock an unrivaled range.