WORLD OF THE BATTLESHIP The Design and Careers of Capital Ships of the World’s Navies 1880-1990


This is a compendium of twenty one battleship stories. As Bruce Taylor states the aim is to provide in-depth coverage of a representative vessel from each navy which had a battleship in commission between 1882 and 1992. In chronological order each chapter tells the story of one ship from one navy, starting with China (the Chen Yuen of 1882) through to the Missouri of the United States of 1944. The book is a clever idea and does it wonderfully well thanks to the skill of the editor in selecting an excellent cross section of ships and navies. Some of the ships are not well known but many, such as the Hood for Great Britain, the Scharnhorst for Germany, the Nagato for Japan, the Littorio for Italy, the ill-fated Viribus Unitis for Austria-Hungary and the ex Goeben for Turkey are iconic ships and well known.

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