SAILORS DIED IN THE GREAT WAR. Royal Naval Other Ranks Deaths 1914-19 DVD-ROM


Are you a family historian, trying to find what happened to a relative in 1914-1918? Or perhaps you are researching a local war memorial. The problem has been that only the Army casualties were digitised in 1999 by N&MP leaving a blank with the Sea and Air servicemen – Now the British Sea and Air Services of the First World War are digitised and available from N&MP to complete this large and frustrating gap.
This database Complete on one fully searchable CD-ROM gives details of naval other ranks deaths in service during the First World War. The original records are held by The National Archives and are in a perilously damaged state. Naval & Military Press have had these fragile documents carefully transcribed and checked. Statistical detail for all data fields is easily accomplished, allowing casualties for sea battles and ship and submarine, or the whole (or part) of the war to be analysed date by date as never before.