WAR AT SEA 1939-45: Volume III Part 2 The Offensive 1st June 1944-14th August 1945 OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR

Contents: Chronological Summary of Prncipal Events; Prelude to ‘Neptune’-The Assault on Normandy 6th June-3rd July 1944-The Mediterranean Campaigns 1st June-31st December 1944-Coastal Warfare 4th July-31st December 1944-Home Waters and the Arctic 1st June-31st December 1944-The Battle of the Atlantic 1st June-31st December 1944-The Indian Ocean and Pacific 1st June-31st December 1944-The End of the Mediterranean Campaigns 1st Janujary -8th May 1945-Home Waters and the Arctic 1st January-8th May 1945; The Climax of the Anti-Shipping Offensive-The Battle of the Atlantic The Final Phase and the Surrender of the U-Boats 1st January-8th May 1945-The Offensive in the Indian Ocean 1st January-30th June 1945-The Pacific War and the Arrival of the British Pacific Fleet 1st January-31st March 1945-The Offensive in the Pacific1stApril-30thJune1945-The Setting of the Rising Sun 1st July-14th August 1945-Conclusion and Inquiry.


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