THE HITLER JUGEND The Hitler Youth Organisation The Original SHAEF Study

This confidential Gestetner study of The Hitler Youth Organisation (Hitlerjugend) (Estimated wartime strength of 12 to 14 million youths), organised into the four branches of the Hitlerjugend – The Hitler Youth proper (boys from 14-18) The German Young Folk ( boys 10-14) The League of German Girls (girls from 14 to 18) The Young Girls (girls from 10-14)
Compiled by Counter Intelligence in preparation for the occupation of Germany. This report illustrates what the Allies learned about this formation, that was the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing prior to the disarming and demobilisation of the German military forces upon the cessation of hostilities. Complete with listing of personalities holding officer’s rank,details of Organisation, Ranks, Uniforms & Insignia (colour uniform plates) Orders of Battle & Wartime Activities.
According to this report the SA presented a substantial problem as a source of disturbance and conspiracy, and stated, “The Hitler’s Youth is NOT the Boy Scout or a Girl Guide organisation. It is no respect comparable to any organisation for young people known to the Western World. It is a compulsory Nazi Formation, which has consciously sought to breed hate, treachery and cruelty into the mind and soul of every German child. It is in the true sense of the word “education for death.”Under no circumstances should the HItler Youth be taken lightly or to be considered negligible factor from an operational or occupation point of view”.