HANDBOOK OF THE ORGANISATION TODT The Civil And Military Engineering Organisation Of Nazi Germany An Original 1945 Military Intelligence Research Section Study

A facsimile reprinting of the extremely rare wartime MIRS study of the Organisation Todt (OT), this para-military organisation was the civil and military engineering organisation in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, named after its founder the engineer and senior Nazi, Fritz Todt,. This organisation was responsible for a huge range of engineering projects both in Nazi Germany and in occupied territories from France to the Soviet Union during World War II. It became notorious for using forced labour. From 1943 until 1945 during the late phase of the Third Reich, OT administered all constructions of concentration camps to supply forced labour to industry.

Compiled by the Military Intelligence Research Section, which became known as MIRS, this was created as of 1 May 1943 under an agreement between the AC of S, G-2, War Department, and the Director of Military Intelligence, War Office, for the initial purpose of co-ordinating the development of strategic Order of Battle intelligence in the European Theatre by the two armies. … It soon became evident that the real mission of MIRS, though not expressly so stated … was to handle and exploit captured enemy documents.