Ramsey has done a superb job in accurately recording all of the airfields used as the invasion forces rolled across France and Belgium towards Germany.
For those with an interest in D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, as well as the use of Allied air power, this is absolutely essential reading.

In telling the story of these important if not vital airfields, Ramsey has examined the history of each and every one. In the majority of cases, he has included photographs of the airfields during the period of their use, including images of the aircraft, aircrew and personnel who were based there. Often, these provide the perfect subject matter for After The Battle’s trademark then-and-now comparison photographs. In every case, however, we find coloured maps and photographs of the airfields, including images of the scenes at these historic sites today. Often, they are now changed beyond any recognition and this fact alone highlights the importance of recording these important locations before all reference points and all knowledge is lost. Where possible, the editor has included either vertical or oblique coloured photographs of the airfields to bring the whole subject alive.

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