GET TOUGH! IN COLOUR How To Win In Hand To Hand Fighting – Combat Edition

Fully illustrated and enhanced with colorised images this is a new edition of what is recognised as one of the classic manuals of unarmed combat, it will be sure to delight all martial art enthusiasts.
Get Tough! is the fully illustrated manual of lethal unarmed combat methods taught to British and US Special Forces in the Second World War by Major WE Fairbairn, co-inventor of the Sykes-Fairbairn knife, and senior instructor to WW2’s Special Forces. The methods used in this book should only be employed when life is in danger from an attacker, since correctly applied they can kill or maim an opponent.
Captain W. E. Fairbairn would have approved of this new colour version, that gives an illustrative clarity to the original, that was lacking in previous monochrome reprints of his work.