WITHIN FOUR WALLS A Classic of Escape

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Within Four Walls tells the remarkable story of two British officers and their war effort, capture by the Germans, imprisonment and eventual escape to Holland. The authors were made to write a concise and accurate account of their incarceration in 1917 and 1918 for the War Office, the basis of which forms the narrative for this book. Although many points were censored while the war was still ongoing, the authors filled in the gaps before the book was published in 1930. Complete with a selection of original photographs and diagrams drawn by the authors during their years of incarceration.
From The Long Long Trail. …subtitled the reprint as “a classic of escape”. It really is. A book that is genuinely hard to put down and well worth reading. It also contains some interesting sketch plans of the various locations, as well as photographs and cartoon-like sketches of the men and certain situations in which they found themselves.

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