WILD GOOSE AND THE EAGLE A Life of Marshal von Browne 1705-1757

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A biography of a soldier whose origins are in the Wild Geese – soldiers who left Ireland in the aftermath of the accession of William of Orange to the English throne and who’s military career covered a wide area – service against Frederick II of Prussia in the first Silesian War, then in Italy, including campaigning in the Po and down towards Naples, an abortive though impressive invasion of France. He fought Frederick again at Lobositz, made strenuous efforts to rescue the Saxons trapped at Prina and finally at the battle of Prague, where, subordinated to the rather ineffectual prince Charles of Lorraine, he nearly saved the day against Frederick’s outflanking attack. While leading a bayonet charge at the Battle of Prague, von Browne met his death. He was carried mortally wounded into Prague, and there died on the 26th of June

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