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The area around Arras is as rich in Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries as anywhere else on the Western Front, including the Somme and Ypres, and yet these quiet redoubts with their headstones proudly on parade still remain largely unvisited. This trilogy is the story of the men who fell and who are now buried in those cemeteries
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“These intolerably nameless names”, as Siegfried Sassoon referred to them, should never be forgotten or ignored, and yet they cascade so relentlessly that they are often difficult to grapple with; within a very short space of time we are inclined to switch off; we soon start to lose our awareness of individual names as we become overwhelmed by the sheer torrent of them; our senses simply become overloaded to the point where we are only aware of the enormity of what stands before us. We can no more get to know the men behind the names than we can get to know people by reading their names in a telephone directory, and yet it is possible to breathe life into ‘these intolerably nameless names’ by uncovering and telling their stories. These 3 books aim to do just that. they take the visitor effortlessly through each of the memorials in turn, highlighting individual men and officers and explaining who they were, what they did, and how they died.

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