TRAGEDY OF THE FAITHFUL: A History of the III. (germanisches) SS-Panzer-Korps


This book is a typical Tieke publication: Terse, to-the-point, factual and exciting reading! It presents all the original material from Tragodie um die Treue as well as selected excerpts from Korps Steiner and original material added just for the English edition. It covers the history of the III. (Germanisches) SS-Panzer-Korps from its formation in 1943 until its virtual destrcution in the fighting for Berlin in 1945. It represents a thorough account in English of some of the formations in the corps: For example, the 11.SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division “Nordland” and the afformentioned 4. SS-Panzergrenadier-Brigade “Nederland”

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