THE LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS OF FIELD-MARSHAL PRINCE BLÜCHER, of Wahlstatt, from the Period of his Birth and First Appointment in the Prussian Service, down to his Second Entry into Paris, in 1815.

This new edition of ‘The Life and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Prince Blücher’ contains every word of the original book – more than 400 pages – complete with the original pagination, small battle plans with coloured troop positions, a map of Germany with coloured outlines, a good index completes this excellent reprint.
“Forwards!” he was quoted as saying when arriving on the field of Waterloo in the late afternoon. “I hear you say it’s impossible, but it has to be done! I have given my promise to Wellington, and you surely don’t want me to break it? Push yourselves, my children, and we’ll have victory!”