The 51st Highland Division fought and lost in France in 1940, was reborn, and fought and won in the North African desert, Sicily and finally in North Western Europe from D-Day to the end of the war. As a division the men earned the respect of friend and foe alike, and this is their story. Amply illustrated with 36 photographs, with 18 maps and battle plans (many coloured) that help the reader to follow the course of the conflict. A good index (persons, units and place names) and a statistical battle casualties list complete this good WW2 Divisional History.
Montgomery commented on the 51st: “Of the many fine divisions that served under me in the Second World War, none were finer than the Highland Division”, and later “It was the only infantry division in the armies of the British Empire that accompanied me during the whole of the long march from Alamein to Berlin”.