FOURTH DIVISION 1939 to 1945

The British Fourth Division was engaged in World War Two from beginning to end. It was part of the BEF in 1939, left France from Dunkirk in 1940, moved to Tunisia and fought throughout the campaign in Africa. It then moved to Italy fighting all the way up the Italian mainland to Forli and Faenza before being sent off to Greece to aid the civil power during the Greek Civil War. It was an honourable division which through the fortunes of war did not take part in the great adventure in Normandy, being thereby consigned to the relative background in the military history of the Second World War. Such divisions are unjustly given less attention than those which were chosen for Overlord, but their histories are none the less of great importance. This history is one of those narratives. The book is illustrated with a number of photographs and a good set of maps.