THE 78th DIVISION IN THE FINAL OFFENSIVE IN ITALY An Account of the Operations of the 78th Infantry Division during the period 9th to 25 April 1945

The 78th Division was considered to be one of the best divisions of the British Army during the Second World War, due to its high morale and excellent leadership, and General Montgomery believed it to be the best mountain warfare division in the British Eighth Army. This view was shared by many senior commanders, such as Lieutenant General Charles Allfrey, commander of V Corps, who claimed the 78th Division was the “finest fighting division of any that I had the privilege to have in ‘V’ Corps.” This is a detailed work, complete with eight large scale coloured maps, on the attacks across the Senio and Santerno rivers from 9th to 25th April 1945. Divided into two parts ­­– the Central History and Unit Accounts – it provides an important history of attack and counterattack, and the stiff resistance of a determined foe.