TERRITORIAL AIR FORCE The RAF’s Voluntary Squadrons, 1926-1957


Prior to publication of this hardback 344 page study little had been written about the Territorial Air Force as a voluntary military organisation and no sustained analysis of its recruitment and social composition undertaken.
This important contribution to RAF historical literature was published at £25

This book presents the history of the Territorial Air Force from its creation in the early 1920s until 1957. It considers the ideas behind the formation of two different types of reserve for the RAF and it examines the way in which men were recruited for the three different groups. Woven throughout the text is an analysis of how the volunteers joined, and what kinds of men were accepted into the organisations as both pilots and officers. It also analyse the influences class and social status had on recruitment in the run up to the Second World War. It explores the key differences between the Auxiliary squadrons and the SR squadrons, as well as the main reasons for the idea of merging the SR squadrons into the AAF squadrons

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