Strafvollzugslager der SS und Polizei Himmler’s Wartime Institutions for the Detention of Waffen-SS and Polizei Criminals


This book provides the reader with valuable exhaustively referenced and accurate data collected from an impressive variety of archives, institutions, libraries and private collections about the development, structure, and organisation of the SS and Polizei penal system, along with pertinent information about all the key senior members involved in its administration, headed by the Reichsführer Himmler who attempted to control every single aspect of it, and reserved the right to personally review all disciplinary cases. It charts how criminal and disobedient soldiers were punished with demotion and incarceration, to in some cases ultimate redemption and potential rehabilitation by way of field probation in specially formed penal units, including the notorious Dirlwanger Brigade. A seminal work that is it is slightly let down by poor copy editing.

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