SPECIAL CAMPAIGN SERIES: THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR 1904 to 1905: The Campaign in Manchuria, Second Period The Decisive Battles 22nd Aug to 17 Oct 1904


This was the first major military victory in the modern era of an Asian power over a European one. Military scholars continue to debate the historical significance of the war. Good coverage is given to the Battle of Liaoyang.Post-war reports conclusively illustrated the battlefield destructiveness of this conflict. This  was the first time the tactics of entrenched positions for infantry defended with machine guns and artillery became vitally important. Both would become dominant factors in World War I. Even though entrenched positions had already been a significant part of both the Franco-Prussian War and the American Civil War, it is now apparent that the high casualty counts, and the tactical lessons readily available to observer nations, were completely disregarded in preparations for war in Europe, and during much of the course of World War I.