SPECIAL CAMPAIGN SERIES: THE CAMPAIGN IN BOHEMIA 1866 (Austro-Prussian War or The Seven Weeks’ War)


Part of the acclaimed “Special Campaign” series of works intended for serious professional students of military history, each volume is interspersed with strategical and tactical comments and illustrated by numerous sketches.

Tactical account of the lightning six-week war between Austria and Prussia that led to the decisive Prussian victory at Königgrätz and the end of Austria’s domination of Germany by a Prussian hegemony. This was the first war between two major continental powers in seven years; it used many of the same technologies as the Second Italian War of Independence, including railways to concentrate troops during mobilisation and telegraphs to enhance long-distance communication. The Prussian Army used von Dreyse’s breech-loading needle gun, which could be rapidly loaded while the soldier was seeking cover on the ground, whereas the Austrian muzzle-loading rifles could only be loaded slowly, and generally from a standing position.