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Veteran Napoleonic historian Philip Haythornwaite provides an informative narrative of the British 5th Division and its stalwart heroism at the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. The book opens with a quick introduction to the 1815 campaign and the British Divisional system. Following is a description of the British Infantry units assigned to the 5th Division. The battle narrative properly begins in Brussels, with the news that Napoleon’s Armee du Nord has crossed the French frontier and stolen a march on the Allied armies. The 5th Division’s magnificent stand at the centre of the Allied line at Quatre Bras gets significant coverage. The author makes an entirely plausible argument that General Picton and his men saved Wellington’s Anglo-Dutch Army at this exhausting battle. The bloodletting at Mont St Jean seems almost an afterthought by comparison. The book closes with a follow-up on the fates of some of the surviving personalities in the Division.

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