AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN ARMY IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR Uniforms and Equipment – from 1914 to 1918


The assassination of the Austrian Heir Apparent, Franz Ferdinand, on 28 June 1914 provoked what is described by many historians as the Fundamental catastrophe of the 20th century’. One of the armies that subsequently marched out in the hopes of a short war, was the Austro-Hungarian Army. In the war years that followed, the soldiers of the k.u.k. Army would travel to almost all the First World War’s theatres of war. They fought in Galicia and Bukovina, in the Carpathian Mountains and the Balkans, from 1915 in the Southern Alps, on the Isonzo, in Albania and in the Sinai Desert and later on the German Western Front and in Asia. The war changed the k.u.k. Army, not only from a technical and a moral point of view, but also with regard to its appearance. The soldiers who marched out in 1914 presented a very different picture to that of the final years of the war.

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