ROYAL SCOTS 1914-1919


History of 34 battalions of the Regiment, essentially the fifteen front line battalions. The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), 1st Foot, is a Lowland regiment, the oldest regiment of the line in the British Army, and as if to emphasize that fact its nickname is “Pontius Pilate’s Bodyguard”. In 1914 it consisted of two regular, one reserve and seven territorial battalions; during the course of the war a further twenty-four battalions were formed, twenty-five according to this History, which includes a 4th Reserve Bn, made up by amalgamating the existing third line TF battalions and redesignating them 4th Reserve Bn. In all some 100,000 passed through the Regiment, seventeen battalions (including the 19th Labour and the 1st Garrison Battalions) went on active service, 583 officers and 10,579 men lost their lives and more than 40,000 were wounded. Seven VCs were won (one while serving in the MG Corps) and 71 battle honours awarded.