REGIMENTAL RECORDS of THE ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS Volume V, Part One: November 1918 – May 1940 Volume V, Part Two: June 1940 – 1945

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These long-awaited Volumes fill the gap in the RWF printed history. The emphasis of this massive two part 1672 page hardback Regimental history is of course on the Second World War during which it’s battalions, independent companies and artillery regiments served in every major theatre and campaign, except Ethiopia and Syria. However, the division into two seperate parts has allowed a proper examination of the British Army between the wars and its deployments around the world. In addition to the Imperial garrisons and the experimentation programme at home, there were operations in North and South Russia, the Transcaucasus, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus, Palestine, Somalia, Eritrea, Egypt, Ireland, Afghanistan, the North-West Frontier of India and China.

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