PANZERS IN THE SAND The History of the Panzer-Regiment 1942-45

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Panzers in the Sand picks up where the first left off and continues the combat history of Panzer-Regiment 5 and Panzer-Abteilung 5, from the sand and sun of North Africa to the bitter end near Berlin.

The text is supported by an excellent (and sizable) selection of photographs, mainly from the period in North Africa, although there are some from the fighting on the Eastern Front. There is also a useful photographic appendix on the panzer troop’s uniforms, and an interesting selection of awards and certificates, often linked to a picture of the recipient. There is also a good selection of maps, organisation charts and diagrams showing the various types of armoured vehicles used by the regiment and its successors (each accompanied by statistics and notes on the individual vehicle). The text itself has been translated well and is clear and readable. The narrative is supported by plenty of supporting information, presented in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow (medal winners, timelines, lists of commanders, tables of organisation etc. The text us supported by plenty of first hand accounts of the action, which give a great feel for the sense of elation during the early successes and the depression as the fighting turned permanently against Germany

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