ONE MORE RIVER The Story of the 8th Indian Division Biferno, Trigno, Sangro, Moro, Rapido, Arno, Senio, Santerno, Po, Adige


8th Indian Division started its overseas service in the Middle East in the garrisoning of Iraq and then the invasion of Persia to secure the oil fields of the area for the Allies., then moved in 1943 to Italy. Landing at Taranto, it pushed up the length of the peninsula in a series of major battles: breaking the Sangor Line, forcing the Rapido and turning the defences at Cassino, breaking the stubborn German resistance at Monte Grande, and finally, forcing the PO River. It won four VCs, 26 DSOs and 149 MCs. along the way. During the war the 8th Indian Division sustained casualties totalling 2,012 dead, 8,189 wounded and 749 missing.