OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR. Military Operations Other Theatres. Set of 19 Volumes. Constantinople, East Africa, Egypt & Palestine, Gallipoli, German South West Africa, Italy, Macedonia, Mesopotamia, Per**a & Togoland and the Cameroons


Although attention has understandably focussed on the Western Front in the Great War, the conflict was a World War fought across many different theatres. Battles raged from the deserts of the Arabian peninsular and the Holy Land, to the jungles of East Africa, and the beaches of Gallipoli.
The Naval and Military Press has now reprinted in facsimile the Official Histories to these campaigns away from the Western Front complete with the Maps (reproduced in colour) that were bound into the text volumes.
No study of the Great War can be complete without examination of these 19 Official Volumes, as with Britain finding itself assuming responsibility for ever longer stretches of The Western Front, it had to simultaneously find men to fight the Turks at Gallipoli, in Egypt and in Mesopotamia to assist the Serbs and to reduce the garrisons of Germany’s African colonies.