NATAL CARBINEERS The History Of The Regiment From Its Foundation, 15th January 1855, to 30th June, 1911


This is an exceptional Colonial Regimental History. the narrative coves the establishment of Natal Colony and the formation of the Natal Carbineers under the Volunteer Ordnance of 1854. It moves on the early operations against Bushmen incursions into the Colony from the Drakensburg Mountains, battles with the Zulu and Basuto. The 1873 Langalibalele conflict is covered in some detail, as is the Regiments role in the 1878-1879 Zulu War. All members who served in these campaigns are listed, with details of those killed or wounded. The second Anglo-Boer War is well covered, with much detail of operations at Ladysmith. The Regt returned home and was stood down in September 1900. It was mobilised again in 1906 for the “hut tax rebellion” in Zululand, and there is liberal reference in this section to individual officers. The book does not have an “Honours & Awards” appendix, but they are mentioned throughout the text.