Napoleonic Library MARCH OF DEATH Sir John Moore’s Retreat to Corunna 1808-1809

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This is the first major study of the Corunna Campaign in English in 35 years, it brings the campaign to life drawing heavily on English primary sources to describe the initial hopes and optimism of the soldiers, their frustration and disgust with their commander for being ordered to retreat without fighting the French, and then to paint vividly the hardships they endured during the retreat.Although no major battles were fought until the end, when the British won at Corunna, the author does a superb job describing the numerous skirmishes and combats between the British rear guard and the French advance guard. Many pages are devoted to the two most famous events of the campaign — defeat of the Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard at Benavente (and the capture of General Lefebvre-Desnouettes) and the death of General Colbert at Cacabellos (who was killed by Private Plunkett of the 95th Rifles in an exhibition of superb marksmanship.)

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