LUTZEN AND BAUTZEN Napoleon’s Spring Campaign of 1813

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This book is a very useful addition to the works in English on the campaign of 1813 in Germany,it presents the student of history with detailed information covering the battles of Lutzen and Bautzen in the context of Napoleon’s wider campaign in Germany in the spring of 1813. The accounts gradually build up in detail from the first chapters dealing the headlong retreat of the pitiful remnants of the Grande Armee, the relentless Russian pursuit, the feverish rebuilding of the French Imperial forces, the vengeful Prussian rebellion and the cautious machinations of the Austrians. This is followed by a blow by blow narrative of the subsequent skirmishes and encounters as the antagonists probed and pushed, defended and counterattacked across Germany, providing a peephole on the talents and flaws of individual commanders at various levels facing the uncertainties of war and politics. The actual engagements of Lutzen and Bautzen are reported in intricate and meticulous detail which belies the romantic notion of Napoleonic battles being neat and orderly affairs, and shows them for the fluid and frantic meat grinders that they were.

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