N&MP are pleased to present ALL Twelve Volumes of Nigel Parker’s Luftwaffe Crash Archive Researched over twenty years, this incredible body of work brings together details from the official RAF intelligence and interrogation reports, and combines them into a definitive guide to every enemy aircraft that came down over the UK during WWII. With over 150 photos in each volume, drawn from dozens of expert sources, this well illustrated series is a must for any Luftwaffe enthusiast or indeed anyone with an interest in the Air-War 1939-1945

Inspired by the declassification Prisoner of War interrogation reports by the UK Government, Nigel Parker took on the challenge of researching every enemy aircraft crash that occurred over the UK. Simon Parry soon joined the project to complete a task
Published in 12 volumes between this Herculean project has now been completed and is available as a complete set

• Every Luftwaffe crash site in the UK.
• Every Luftwaffe aircraft lost attacking the UK from 1941.
• 1,500 A-4 colour pages.
• Over 2,000 remarkable photographs.
• Grave locations.
• Camouflage and markings.
• Detailed crash location maps.
• Over 50 colour profiles.
• Unit emblems.
• 70 page index.

Cover price for the individual volumes is a whopping £300 – NOW available for £150 for the complete and full set.

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