LENINGRAD The Advance of Panzer Group 4, 1941 Die Wehrmacht im Kampf Series


Very ably and expertly translated into English for an by Linden Lyons. This is an extraordinary ‘first person’ study that provides a wealth of information and detail.

This account of Panzer Group 4’s advance was written by Walter Chales de Beaulieu, chief of staff of Panzer Group 4. Published in German in 1961, this is the first English translation. Beaulieu not only gives a detailed account of the Panzer Group’s advance, but also offers an assessment of the fighting, an examination of how Panzer Group 4’s operations were affected by the limitations imposed on Army Group North, and the lessons that can be learnt from its experiences in the Baltic States. He concludes with a discussion of whether Leningrad could ever have been taken.

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