LED BY LIONS MPS and Sons who Fell in the First World War

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This lavishly illustrated book is a tribute to those MP’s and their sons who went to war never to return. Neil Thornton underlines the reality of the Great War where people from all walks of life from royalty to the most humble paid the price,this is a a solid piece of work.

Many MPs fought in the war and in some instances, they pulled strings to get there. Casualties amongst them were high, but the loss of their sons outweighed their own sacrifice. In this book, Neil Thornton dispels the popular belief that the country’s politicians sat in safety while callously sending the nation’s youth to their deaths. Their own sacrifices, together with those of their sons, are described here in poignant detail, including such names as Tom Kettle, William Gladstone and Raymond Asquith. Others such as Valentine Fleming – father of James Bond author Ian Fleming – and Thomas Agar-Robartes features alongside them – recommended for the Victoria Cross for the rescue of casualties under heavy fire, Agar-Robartes’ act would cost him his life, but he would earn the respect of every man under his command.

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