LAST STAND AT ZANDVOORE 1914 Lord Hugh Grosvenor’s Noble Sacrifice

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Grosvenor was the commander of C Squadron, 1st Life Guards, and was killed in action, aged thirty, during the action at Zandvoorde 1914. At about 0700 hours heavy artillery opened up on the trenches in front of Zandvoorde. These were held by the 1st and 2nd Life Guards of the 7th Cavalry Brigade. Situated on the forward slopes of the hill the makeshift trenches were soon devastated and although the four hundred or so defenders hung on for an hour they were quickly overwhelmed when the Germans launched their infantry assault with over a Division of men.
Orders for retirement were given but it was too late and a squadron of each Life Guard Regiment as well as the Royal Horse Guards machine guns were cut off and killed or captured. The bodies of Lord Hugh and his men were never found – it was as if they had never existed.

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