INTO TOUCH Rugby Internationals Killed in the Great War

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“How very different is your action to that of the men who can still go on with their cricket and football, as if the very existence of the country were not at stake! This is not the time to play games, wholesome as they are in times of piping peace. We are engaged in a life and death struggle.”

When Field Marshal Lord Roberts spoke these words on 29 August 1914, his message could not have been clearer: it was time for Britain’s sportsmen to stand up and be counted. Britain had declared war on Germany earlier that month and Lord Kitchener’s recruitment drive – “Your Country Needs YOU!” – was on its way to enrolling 500,000 men in its first four weeks.

We have made a three book offer of books dedicated the the fallen sportsmen of the Great War all compiled by Nigel McCrery who is well known for his crime writing but his previously published works reflect his interest in The Great War, notably All The King’s Men, a best seller and successful film starring David Jason.

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