HITLER’S ARCTIC WAR The German Campaigns in Norway, Finland, And The USSR 1940-1945

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The Scandinavian theatre of WW2 is often overlooked as an area of limited significance, yet this book demonstrates its strategic importance and the considerable resources which both sides were obliged to commit there. Much of it concerns the remarkable efforts of the Finns, in resisting the Russian invasion of 1939, the later fighting alongside their German Allies to destabilise Stalin’s northern flank, The book also describes the invasion o f Norway in 1940, and Hitler’s obsession with this country which remained garrisoned by an extremely large force until the end of the War. A large chapter is devoted to the British Arctic Convoys, which ran a perilous gauntlet of bombers, U-boats and battleships, to bring desperately needed supplies to Russia. This oversized title is lavishly furnished with photographs, and the concise narrative provides a gripping introduction to this very different war.

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