The Order of the British Empire is, in the truest sense of the word, the British Democracy’s own Order of Chivalry.Eighteen months after the instituion of the Order, in December 1918, a Military Division was added.In the pages of this splended book will be found a full list of those who were admitted to the Order from its institution up to February 1921, some 26,000 names.After an introduction giving the history and statutes of the order, the entries are listed in two parts. The first is the complete roll in alphabetical order under the heading “Biographies”.In this section as many biographical details are given as it was possible to obtain at the time of its publication, and there is much useful and interesting information for the researcher.The second part provides the same full list but by class and in order of precedence within each class.Each entry is preceded by a number which gives a cross-reference to the biographical list.This reprint of a rare and monumental work of reference, a sort of Everyman’s “Who’s Who”, provides not only a lasting memento of the Great War, but also a valuable historical and sociological commentary on those critical times.