HAND TO HAND COMBAT An Instructional Manual Prepared For Amphibious Scouts

A manual that was published from the training site of the first ‘Frogmen’ of World War II, located at Fort Pierce, Florida.
Prepared for the Pacific theatres of World War II, as a guide to Hand to Hand combat as taught to the Amphibious Scout, the techniques are derived from the combat forms of the Ten Shin Shinyo Ryu system of Jiu Jitsu. Its syllabus comprises striking and throwing techniques, immobilisation methods and choking techniques. A section on the use of the combat knife in close fighting is included as a final chapter.Good photographic illustrations from official US Navy images and informative and detailed text cover this system of Jiu Jitsu, not as a sport but as a method of deadly and aggressive combat attack and counterattack techniques, during kill-or-be-killed situations