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PICTURE POSTCARDS from the First World War offer a multilayered source of information. The postcards sent by and to soldiers not only mirror the events in the different theatres, but also give a unique view of the daily life both on the front line and at home, in all warring countries. The aim of this publication is to document how the First World War was portrayed by and through picture postcards from three different vantage points:• How were the real events pictured? • How were emotions and perceptions of the war communicated? • Which artistic and stylistic devices were used to influence and manipulate public opinion? Chapters cover many topics including: War and Picture Postcards – Themes: From Hatred to Love – The First World War – Countries and Armies -The Western Front – The Other Theatres of War – Old and New Weapons – The War in the Air- Transport and Communication- In the Trenches and Behind the Lines – Dead, Wounded, Taken Prisoner or Missing – The Home Front and the Neutral States.

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