GERMAN PARATROOPERS Volume II: Helmets, Equipment and Weapons


This volume follows the development of the many pieces of equipment used by the German paratroopers from the early days to the last days of the Third Reich, describing in great detail the characteristics of the various models. With 132 pages dedicated to helmets, 54 to special para equipment, 40 normal equipment, 52 on weapons, 40 on parachutes and, finally, another 32 on drop containers.
45 helmets, uncovered incl. all 3 models;11 helmet covers;11 helmets with wire camo etc;7 gas mask bags;4 hand grenade bags;17 bandos;both FG 42 bandos;para medics’ pouches incl. rare blue one; all 4 patterns of parachutes, incl. some modern packing of chutes

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