GERMAN MILITARY RIFLES Vol 1. From the Werder Rifle to the M/71.84 Rifle

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This 392 page work provides a detailed picture of the development of German military rifles from the Werder rifle up to the M/71.84. It is based on many years of extensive study in German archives as well as renowned public and private collections and is thus able to dispel a number of myths and details based on little more than hearsay, replacing them with sound knowledge. The text is accompanied and supported by more than 900 original contemporary photographs, reproductions of documents and high quality colour photographs of existing items, including hundreds of details in close-up. Many of the objects, weapons and accessories are shown here for the first time. The result is a largely new portrayal, built on a broad base of primary sources, of the development of German long arms in the years after 1870, which is bound to remain the standard work on the subject for the foreseeable future.

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