France and Belgium 1918. Vol IV. 8th August – 26th September. The Franco-British Offensive. OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR.

This volume opens with “the black day of the German Army”, 8th August, the Battle of Amiens, the beginning of the last hundred days, and takes the story up to 26 September when the British Armies were lined up opposite the main Hindenburg position. It includes the preparations for Fourth Army’s assault at Amiens; the entry of First and Third Armies into the battle on 21 August; the Australian Corps’ amazing feat of arms in the capture of Mont St Quentin and that of the Canadian Corps in the breaking of the Drocourt-Queant Line. Second and Fifth Armies’ advance in Northern France and Flanders is also covered. This was a period of steady advance and relentless pressure on the German Army.