France and Belgium 1918. Vol III. May-July: The German Diversion Offensives and First Allied Counter-Attack. OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR.

This volume covers the period 1 May-6 August 1918 and is principally concerned with the German offensives in the French sector and the French counter-attack – Battle of the Aisne (27th May-6th June) involving the British IX Corps under French command; Battles of the Marne (20th July-2nd August) with XXII Corps and 15th and 34th Divisions under French command. In between were minor BEF operations in Flanders and round Villers Bretonneux. The volume ends on the eve of the Allied offensive at Amiens on 8th August. Appendices contain order of battle details and directives, operation orders (French and British), letters and instructions and other communications between the senior commanders.