First World War Campaign Medals. 10.9 million medals • 4.6 million soldiers. Complete on one fully searchable DVD-ROM


The Naval & Military Press commemorates the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War by listing on this exceptional CD-ROM arguably every British Army serviceman and woman who served their King and Country during the ‘war to end all wars’. From the Recruiting Sergeant-Major with his single award of the British War Medal to the Victoria Cross hero, the soldier slaughtered on the first day of the Somme or the Nursing Sister, you will find their medal details recorded in full on this truly amazing disc.
These records are the nearest we have to a full British Army “Roll-call” for the Great War.
The series of campaign medals issued for the Great War offers the military genealogist a goldmine of information. Many entries give battalion details that enable specific War Diary research to be undertaken which can breathe life, and in some cases death, into an individual soldier’s record.