FIRST BRITISH ARMY, 1624-1628 The Army of the Duke of Buckingham

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This book is, essentially, in two parts : the first covers the raising, equipping, training, ‘uniforms’, colours, the personnel. The second part covers the armies’ campaigns in Germany under Mansfeldt and Morgan, and in Spain and in the expeditions to the Isle du Rhé, and La Rochelle. The campaigns, none of which may truly be termed a success, are some of the most obscure of the period but they are, nonetheless, the only campaigns fought by the Three Kingdoms since the accession of the Stuarts before the Civil Wars and thus well deserve studying.
Complemented with Regimental and Officer lists, guides to the strengths of the companies and regiments, short regimental histories, details of pay and an abstract of all clothing/uniform supply information for the armies.
A fascinating study in its own right, well written and superbly researched but it will also prove invaluable,to anyone studying the armies of the early English Civil Wars

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